tumbling dice (dramama) wrote,
tumbling dice

OK.  MY THOUGHTS ABOUT MILEY CYRUS, because you know you want them.

Just like Robin Thicke knows "you want it", the "it" presumably referring to sex.  And he sings this song while thrusting merrily away into Miley's gyrating butt, as she does shocking things with her tongue.

I don't want my girls growing up to be Miley.

But I even more don't want my boys growing up having Thicke's attitude towards women.

The media hyped all over Miley's good girl gone so wrong image.  What about Thicke's descent from an R and B singer, marginally recognized, to a pop icon all because he objectifies women.  The "Blurred Lines" that he speaks of in his song certainly are blurred - for millions of women world wide.  Chaste in public and a whore in the bedroom????   Date rape (you know you want it).  Being encouraged to dress provocatively to catch attention . . . but whoa, not THAT much attention.  Being tramp stamped if you do decide to blur the lines a little because you just want sex, tyvm, but then you lose your power to say WITH whom and HOW much because the entire high school has labeled you a slut, and that's what EVERY boy wants.  Not being able to own your sexuality because the majority of the male culture stamps your sexuality on you.

I'm sorry.  I'm over it.  The real story and the real conversation should not have centered around  Miley (and anybody who praised her for growing up and submitting that a grown up has to behave in that way is also part of the problem), but around the message in pop music in general.  I have a daughter who actively listens to pop, and I listen with her.  So we can have these discussions.  And so I can have the discussions with my boys, too.

Blurred lines indeed.
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